The Bat! BETA


[!] New interface control in the main window and the editor window. DevExpress controls are used instead of TB2K/TBX/SpTBX.
[!] New way of handling the user interface layout configuration. Also, there is a new file - "userdef.xml", instead of "tbuser.def" previously used
[+] Possibility of recording and logging of the time it takes to open the following configuration dialogs: "Account Properties", "Folder Properties", "Sorting Offices / Filters", and the following windows: message editor, the folder view. The time is measured if the following command-line parameters are used to run The Bat!: "/BENCHMARK_STARTUP_TIME" and/or "/STARTUP_TIMING_LOG". With the "/STARTUP_TIMING_LOG" option only, the results will only be saved to the ex_log.file, while with "/BENCHMARK_STARTUP_TIME" they will be displayed on the screen as a message dialog.
[+] Updated spell checker dictionaries (Hunspell) for the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English (British), English (U.S.), French, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Portuguese (Portual), Romanian, Spansh, Swedish
[*] Removed PGP internal implementation (RFC-1991) from The Bat!
[*] There is now a random delay before sending the TLS alert code to a remote computer in order to prevent eventual timing attacks
[*] The Preferences dialog now has an hourglass when it opens
[-] (#0000427) Tab order was wrong in some dialogs, e.g. in the Create Mail Filter dialog box
[-] (#0001327) Access Violation errors on exit have been eliminated
[-] (#0001545) Email was added twice to the "To:" line if the address entry in the address book contained multiple addresses
[-] (#0001662) Incorrect rendering of certain HTML messages has been resolved
[-] (#0001718) An issue with an option during the address book import has been resolved
[-] (#0001719) After adding an account using the mail account assistant the The Bat! main window did not show up
[-] (#0001755) Address Viewer incorrectly displayed the email address of the sender
[-] (#0001780) 64-bit version of The Bat! silently closed upon trying to send a PGP-signed message
[-] (#0001785) Ctrl+mouse wheel did not zoom in/out in plain text editors
[-] Fixed Access Violation errors which could sometimes happen infrequently, and which were caused by improper CPU thread handling, especially when exiting The Bat!
[-] Fixed errors when The Bat! process could hang on exit and stay in the Task Manager while exiting The Bat! when active connections to RSS feeds were in progress
[-] Fixed issue when all tags became ignored
[-] Fixed memory leaks
[-] Image Crop did not work in message templates

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*32-битные версии модулей расширения не работают в 64-битной версии The Bat! Если ваш модуль расширения перестал работать после установки 64-битной версии The Bat!, необходимо либо установить 64-битную версию модуля расширения, либо вернуться к использованию 32-битной версии The Bat!