The Bat! 7.1.2 Christmas Edition MSI BETA


[!] OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism for GMail and Mail.Ru
[+] The "Use Address Book display names" option for message list
[+] "From (Address Book)" and "To (Address Book)" message list columns are now available
[+] EWS autodiscover logging in the “Create New Account” dialog
[+] Priority, receipt/reading confirmation options for sending messages from EWS accounts
[+] EWS accounts: moving and copying messages/items between folders is now possible
[+] Server-side deletion of messages/items in EWS accounts
[+] "Load Active Directory contacts" option in the EWS accounts properties
[+] While retrieving Exchange items via EWS, the company Active Directory contacts are now also retrieved
[+] "Get only items later than:" option in EWS accounts
[*] When HTTP proxy is defined in The Bat! under “NetworkAdministration”, it overrides operating system’s Internet options
[*] Sound after finishing search is made optional
[*] Files’ creation time is used as the received time for messages opened from .EML files
[-] Search is now working in Virtual Folders
[-] The “Create New Account” dialog was missing EWS pre-configured settings for some well-known email services
[-] Registration keys from some HTML messages couldn't be copy-pasted into the key input form, if The Bat! used Windows OS HTML viewer
[-] The Bat! didn't properly handle Unicode text files and could only load text files in Windows or UTF-8 encoding, not UTF-16. As a result, tips files in UTF-16 could not be displayed
[-] RSS error unexpected exception EXMLDocError, Details: "Element "content" does not contain a single text node" has been eliminated
[-] Access violation error upon saving HTML-templates with changes of test formatting in tables has been fixed
[-] Access violation error, which appeared while copying emails with inline images and ContentId between different accounts has been fixed
[-] If the user entered a registration key from a previous version, The Bat! did not properly display the program’s version number
[-] Fixes in displaying of RSS subject lines for those aggregators that treat titles as HTML and second level of encoding may be expected to comply with HTML
[-] Memory leaks have been eliminated
[-] Reply-To and In-Reply-To fields in EWS accounts are now properly displayed
[-] Access violation error message that appeared while downloading external images for HTML emails has been fixed
[-] Program’s interface could get frozen while retrieving a large number of messages (1000>) with broadband access
[-] The Bat! didn't import the gender field from tab delimited files to the address book
[-] Access violation error messages, which appeared in the account log, have been fixed
[-] Search within the found messages in the Message Finder was not working
[-] The warning upon opening of more than 5 messages in a separate window at once is functioning again

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*32-битные версии модулей расширения не работают в 64-битной версии The Bat! Если ваш модуль расширения перестал работать после установки 64-битной версии The Bat!, необходимо либо установить 64-битную версию модуля расширения, либо вернуться к использованию 32-битной версии The Bat!