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The Bat! Voyager - это мобильный почтовый клиент, который работает с любым портативным носителем информации: "флэшки", конверторы из USB в IDE, и так далее. The Bat! Voyager создан для того, чтобы получать и отправлять письма с любого компьютера.

Программа The Bat! Voyager сохранит ваши личные шаблоны писем, защитит почту от вирусов, червей и других вредоносных программ. The Bat! Voyager шифрует вашу базу писем паролем, то есть делает ваши личные данные действительно личными.

Чтобы получить доступ к использованию The Bat! Voyager, необходимо приобрести The Bat! Professional. Получив номер заказа и регистрационный ключ для The Bat! Professional, вы сможете активировать для использования программу The Bat! Voyager.

The Bat! Voyager 9.2.4 BETA

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[+] New option to use "soft" line wrapping in MicroEd to make it behave like Windows Editor, so the text produced can be read easier on mobile devices
[+] Support for plain text with format=flowed in viewer
[+] OAUTH support for outlook.com and Yandex
[*] Use IMAP as the default protocol for outlook.com
[*] New look-and-feel of link tooltips to fix problems with their display
[-] Message | Open reply was broken
[-] Fix message length calculation for some DPIs/scales to fix SmartSpace reading problems
[-] (#001695) Some HTML messages could be displayed broken
[-] (#000016) Separate message list viewer was closing when an an empty folder was selected
[-] (#000186) URL in first line of clear-text PGP encrypted messages might be hidden after decryption (use of clear-text PGP is discouraged, but here we go)
[-] (#002039) GnuPG signing passphrase was not cached
[*] Passwords are hidden from protocol trace logs
[*] Quick Search in address book works as filter on non-LDAP books
[-] Keyboard shortcuts were not working in the Address Book window
[-] HTML Editor: "List index out of bounds" error was possible when a single font was used for entire document
[-] Alt+Up/Down arrows were not working for HTML viewer
[-] Sorting Office: Filtering by TO header field was looking in the CC as well
[-] "Finish" instead of "Next" in the Create New Account wizard when "POP or IMAP" was selected
[-] AV Error when closing a message list tab
[-] First tag from the tag list could not be used
[-] (#002005) Search for empty text in web-like mode with attachments returned no results
[-] Voyager: new version information was used from The Bat! data
[-] Voyager: "Abstract error" on the "Help | Technical Support" menu command
[-] Insert Quick Template command was not working in Quick Reply