The Bat! ALPHA


[!] This alpha version does not yet read old layout configuration (tbuser.def)
[!] This alpha version requires a key for The Bat! version 9 in order to run. It will not run with version 8 key unless in the "evaluation" mode, if any.
[!] This alpha has larger .exe file, but it will be smaller in the release
[!] This alpha demonstrates the new UI (Ribbons by default, but you can change to classic ("menu") instead in the Options -> Preferences -> Other options. When using the "Classic Menu" UI mode, you can disable skins by uncheking the "Use Skins" checkbox. When the skins are used (default), a skin can be changed in the "Options".
[!] This alpha has lots of UI images missing
[-] Fixed errors when The Bat! process could hang on exit and stay in the task manager while exiting The Bat! when active coneections to RSS feeds were in progress
[-] (#0001780) 64-bit version of The Bat! silently closes upon trying to send a PGP-signed message
[*] Removed PGP internal implementation (RFC-1991) from The Bat!
[-] (#0000427) Tab order is wrong in Create Mail Filter dialog box

Скачать (x32) Скачать (x64)*

*32-битные версии модулей расширения не работают в 64-битной версии The Bat! Если ваш модуль расширения перестал работать после установки 64-битной версии The Bat!, необходимо либо установить 64-битную версию модуля расширения, либо вернуться к использованию 32-битной версии The Bat!