The Bat! BETA


[-] Fixed an Access Violation error that could happen on The Bat! startup rarely when using Google OAuth authentication
[-] Fixed some minor AVs which could happen on exit
[-] 0001642: [wish] Expand "Quick Search" to also search in the "Tags" column
[-] 0001653: "Quick Reply" uses HTML-formatting instead of plain text
[-] 0001671: Image download button is hidden
[-] 0001641: The macro %TEXT produces different results for replies and forwards
[-] 0001677: Truncated translation in Italian in global Preferences
[-] 0001451: Cant print with Landscape orientation
[-] 0001678: Truncated strings in the MultiSMTP dialog
[-] 0001686: More space for translation on checkboxes of the Address Book Duplicate Search Wizard
[-] 0001689: Truncated strings in the Message Tags dialog
[-] 0001709: Truncated strings with Greek interface
[-] 0001739: Embedded images in HTML messages get narrower while replying
[-] 0001740: Deleted tags still appear in the message list popup menu
[-] OAuth: added label displaying requested url

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*32-битные версии модулей расширения не работают в 64-битной версии The Bat! Если ваш модуль расширения перестал работать после установки 64-битной версии The Bat!, необходимо либо установить 64-битную версию модуля расширения, либо вернуться к использованию 32-битной версии The Bat!