The Bat! 8.7 Christmas Edition RELEASE


[+] (#0001425) Added wizards to find and manage duplicates in the address book
[+] Improved the handling of items in the messages list. Clicking on the Tags column or Color Group column or the Memo column shows a pop-up menu of available Tags or Colors. Click on the Memo invokes the memo editor. Also added the "Clear All Tags" menu item
[+] New About Screen
[+] Christmas Splash screen uses randomly one of five images
Christmas graphics in the about box
(#0001527) Now The Bat! displays a list of restored folders via Shift+Ctrl+Alt+L
Replaced old style Delphi color combo-boxes with user-friendly color selection (palette) controls
Updated the translation resources. At the moment, these change mostly affect Bulgarian user interface language
(#0001585) The text can now be dragged between the fields "CC" "TO" "BCC", etc.
[-] (#0001624) No colors of the tabs are displayed in the list of tabs in preferences menu
[-] The Splash Screen showed the "UNREG Edition" suffix after The Bat! product name if the user didn't enter the registration code
[-] Tags Improvement: Added 2 check-boxes to Tags Editor. Fixed press return when adding of new Tag at TagSelected
[-] (#0001631) Splash Screen sometimes doesn't stay for even a second when The Bat! starts in Maximized Window mode
[-] Close Tags work on Threaded-View headers
[-] Tags selector was not resizable
[-] Added default font and color to the Tag editor
[-] (#0001573) Selected folder out of focus/view when using quick search in moving messages
[-] (#0001566) Cell padding is not saved in table properties
[-] When The Bat! uses the Windows HTML viewer (rather then the internal one), it was using MSIE version 5 viewing mode. Now it uses recent viewing modes, i.e. to benefit from IE version 7, 8, 9 and the EDGE
[-] (#0001607) Search for Duplicates Wizard: No email should not be treated as same email
[-] (#0001574) Color groups assigned to messages in "Outbox" are lost after editing the message
[-] (#0001557) Check all Headers for correct click behavior
[-] (#0001605) Search Duplicates Wizard should check only first email of account
[-] (#0001603) Certain type of included HTML-files in message templates are displayed as HTML-code
[-] (#0001604) For the same contact is was possible to open several edit windows at the same time
[-] (#0001578) A figure in brackets appears when an attached .eml file is opened both in POP3 and IMAP4 accounts
[-] (#0001577) Senders in messages within IMAP4 accounts are saved into address books without names
[-] (#0001575) Tags assigned to messages in "Outbox" are lost after editing the message
[-] (#0001580) "Add Sender to Address History" adds the recipient instead
[-] (#0001606) Search in the Address Book did not use "Display Name" of a contact - it should have given the first contact sorted by DisplayName
[-] The Bat! could give an error related to mouse cursor when some application used the screen in the full-screen mode, this error could happen when The Bat! is running in the background and the user has launched a game (e.g. the World of Tanks)
[-] Duplicate Wizard fits small displays
[-] (#0001543) Issues when monitor changes
[-] Address book/Search for Duplicates: Fixed issue with AV when wizard is executed for the second time
[-] (#0001581) Included HTML-files in message templates are displayed as HTML-code
[-] (#0001583) Address book/Search for Duplicates: Start Button is not displayed on UHD-Display with greater than 100% zoom factor
[-] (#0001584) System HTML viewer is unable to open hyperlinks
[-] (#0001586) "Reply to this address" on the header pane doesn't work
[-] Fixed some issues that might cause folders configuration file (ACCOUNT.FLB) to be lost
[-] (#0001560) Color palette is not entirely displayed in table properties under high DPI
[-] (#0001548) Rename labels and change colors selector bug
[-] Fixed some IMAP-related Access-Violation errors
[-] (#0001570) Extended the drop-down menu of the search field in the Message Finder (F7) window
[-] (#0001568) Errors in the advanced filtration of the message list
[-] (#0001564) Memos are lost for draft messages after editing them
[-] (#0001541) Subject with Unicode display has rectangles after selecting
[-] (#0001552) Tag selector form is not updated after tag editing
[-] (#0001558) Used the newest version of the TRichEdit component at the moment - v4.1
[-] (#0001542) Text fields in the QR code generator do not handle the Ctrl+A (select all) hotkey
[-] (#0001543) Issues when monitor changes
[-] Fixed auto hotkey assignment (now if caption has '&' it has priority)
[-] (#0001540) Contacts' Secondary addresses are not used for replying/forwarding
[-] (#0001524) Address book contact's secondary emails are not added if the message is created via a handle or "Pick e-mail addresses" dialog
[-] (#0001539) Memo shown as lines with only one word after reopening
[-] (#0001533) "Custom colors" are not remembered in the HTML-editor and HTML-templates
[-] (#0001522) Tags in Cyrillic get corrupted
[-] (#0001530) Virtual folders are not automatically updated
[-] Fixed painting for Tags and Color Groups
[-] (#0001503) The Shift+Ctrl+V combination inserts a word with the cursor in the middle of it
[-] (#0001529) The option "Remove Empty Lines" does not work in templates
[-] (#0001528) The option "Show/Hide Non-Print Characters" does not work in templates
[-] (#0001531) "Memo" column displays only the first word of the memo text
[-] Table cell border always was 1px
[-] (#0001538) Loss of HTML toolbars after creating/modifying/deleting a Quick Template

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