The Bat! 8.5.4 RELEASE


[+] Added the following Diffie-Hellmann cipher suites to the whole set of ciphersuites that can be used for Perfect Forward Secrecy:
[+] A command-line option /SMTP_DELAY_AFTER_SEND:N to specify delay in milliseconds to wait after sending each message, before sending a new message. This delay may only be made if several messages are sent during a single SMTP connection. For example, for 2-second delay, specify /SMTP_DELAY_AFTER_SEND:2000. Minimum value is 1 and maximum is 60000. After sending a message, you will be able to see SMTP status "Delay N ms..." if this option is active.
[+] Added a command-line option /DISABLE_TLS12 which disables TLS 1.2 and is equivalent to /TLS_VERSION_RANGE:0-2
[+] Now a meanginful error message is given to the log when the server disconnects during TLS handshake
[-] Fixed an error of simulteneous access to the ACCOUNT.ATB file which could lead to write error to this file when multipile accounts with OAUTH were trying to simultaneously write to this file
[-] Fixed incompatibility with some TLS 1.2 servers which aborted the connction unless The Bat! sends signature_algorithms ClientHello extension on TLS 1.2
[-] Some interface strings were not translatable

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