The Bat! 8.4 RELEASE


[+] You can now use styles in the HTML editor
[+] The Bat! now splits long IMAP commands (of about 7500 characters or more) into shorter ones. This is needed for IMAP servers (e.g. Zimbra) that don't accept longer commands, e.g. when you move thousands of messages from one folder to another and the messages are not in a sequence. see "Long Command Lines" sections of the following RFCs for more details: RFC-2683, p., RFC-7162, p. 4.
[+] The "/TLS_VERSION_RANGE:0-3" command line parameter to specify lowest and highest SSL/TLS version minor byte number that The Bat! should support. "0" means SSL 3.0, "1" means TLS 1.0, "2" means TLS 1.1 and "3" means "TLS 1.2". For example, to disable SSL 3.0, use "/TLS_VERSION_RANGE:1-3". Another example - to only allow TLS 1.2 - use "/TLS_VERSION_RANGE:3-3"
[+] The "/TLS_DISABLE_PERFECT_FORWARD_SECRECY" command-line parameter
[+] The "/TLS_FORCE_PERFECT_FORWARD_SECRECY" command-line parameter
[+] Support for "Intel SHA extensions" instructions for SHA-1 on CPUs that support it for hardware acceleration of SHA-1. These instructions are introduced on Intel Goldmont microarchitecture processors, e.g. Pentium J4205, Celeron J3455, Atom C3958, etc. These instructions are currently supported for 64-bit version of The Bat! only.
[+] New command-line parameter /LOG_IA32CPUID to write list of CPU capabilities to the ex_log.txt file.
[+] New command-line parameter (must be specified as a first parameter in order to be accepted, other parameters may follow it): "/SHA1_BENCHMARK". For example, you can run /SHA1_BENCHMARK /NOLOGO /LOG_IA32CPUID
[+] Fixed the "Select Image" in toolbar customization
[+] Added the "Insert Symbol" button on the editor toolbar
[+] Added support for TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) Extension. It is useful when multiple servers are sharing the same IP address. For more information on SNI, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication
[+] Added new path macros: %PROGRAMFILES% and %PROGRAMFILESX86%
[+] (#0001454) Toolbar has now drop-down history for the "Copy to folder" and "Move to folder" buttons
[+] "/TEMP:" command line parameter to specify a different temporary folder instead of one specified by %TEMP% environment variable
[-] The Bat! didn?t' notify plugins about an "MainWindowLoaded" event since version 8
[-] Some modifications on PGP internal signature verification
[-] Some fatal errors that prevented The Bat! from starting and were silent now are displayed to the user
[-] If external third-party plugins to The Bat! prevent it from starting successfully, The Bat! restarts, removes all the plugins from the list, and notifies the user about it, creating copies of plugin configuration files
[-] If a Windows API function to resolve host name fails with an Access Violation error or other exception, The Bat! no longer uses that API function
[-] Fixed splash screen labels' transparency
[-] Fixed some memory leaks
[-] Fixed some "access violation" errors which could occur while working with IMAP
[-] Fixed issue with showing some HTML entities (symbols)
[-] Fixed issue with showing some HTML entities (symbols)
[-] Fixed editor toolbars
[-] Fixed a bug in determining system-defined folders
[-] Added quick templates combo on toolbar
[-] (#0001496) Access Violation on closing The Bat! while viewing a message in the internal HTML viewer
[-] (#0001493) Sub-filters didn't correctly handle the "is" operator
[-] (#0001482) Reintroduced: The Bat! v6.8.4 It's not possible to save the changes in the "Insert Hyperlink" window (original issue 0000730)
[-] (#0001481) Reintroduced: Embedded images in messages bodies grow in size on each reply on high DPI monitors (original issue 0001178)
[-] (#0001478) Quick Reply is unusable - Access Violations upon trying to copy, cut, backspace, delete and paste a Quick Template
[-] (#0001476) [WISH] Add the option "Clear formatting", "IncreaseFont", "DecreaseFont" to the HTML-editor
[-] (#0001474) [WISH] Add the option for forwarding types to the drop-down of the "Forward" icon on the main toolbar
[-] (#0001471) Clicking on the email of an account's information page creates a message from the default account
[-] (#0001466)  Add buttons "Subscript" and "Superscript" to the HTML editor
[-] (#0001463)  Add the button "Strikethrough" to the HTML editor
[-] (#0001461) The recipient's name gets corrupted in the editor window
[-] (#0001460) Shift+Enter for Bullet Points is broken
[-] (#0001415) Wrong "Created" date if "Date:" line is missing in the message headers
[-] (#0000571) Open attachments with the Shift key pressed still displays a warning
[-] (#0000151) Cannot load HTML images under 32-bit (many images with the same URL)
[*] Updated HTML editor component version
[*] The Bat! now tries to call the GetAddrInfoExW function instead of GetAddrInfoExA. Only if GetAddrInfoExW is not available, it falls back to GetAddrInfoExA.
[*] The Bat! is now able to locate GPG4WIN 3.1.1
[*] Optimized CPU thread usage by creating and freeing threads less frequent because of using more threads with a reusable thread pool
[*] If CPU supports SHA extensions, The Bat! will use them for SHA-256 hash. You can call The Bat! with /SHA256_BENCHMARK command line parameter to figure out whether you CPU supports the extension and what is real gain from using the extensions.

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*32-битные версии модулей расширения не работают в 64-битной версии The Bat! Если ваш модуль расширения перестал работать после установки 64-битной версии The Bat!, необходимо либо установить 64-битную версию модуля расширения, либо вернуться к использованию 32-битной версии The Bat!