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[-] (#0001478) Quick Reply is unusable - Access Violations upon trying to copy, cut, backspace, delete and paste a Quick Template
[-] (#0001474) [WISH] Add the option for forwarding types to the drop-down of the "Forward" icon on the main toolbar
[-] (#0001481) Reintroduced: Embedded images in messages bodies grow in size on each reply on high DPI monitors (original issue 0001178)
[-] (#0001482) Reintroduced: The Bat! v6.8.4 It's not possible to save the changes in the "Insert Hyperlink" window (original issue 0000730)
[-] (#0001471) Clicking on the email of an account's information page creates a message from the default account
[-] (#0001476) [WISH] Add the option "Clear formatting", "IncreaseFont", "DecreaseFont" to the HTML-editor
[-] (#0001484) The last character is not displayed on the "Text" tab of an HTML-only message
[-] (#0001483) "apos" is displayed instead of the apostrophe in the "Rich Text/HTML Viewer (slower, smileys)" viewer

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