The Bat! 8.3 RELEASE


[+] (#0001422) The "Copy Format" in the Message Editor
[+] (#0001437) You can now add a column with a short folder name – just a name without its full path
[+] (#0001453) It is now possible to add secondary addresses of an address book entry to the To or CC field or to not add at all, instead of just an option to add to BCC as before
[-] (#0001161) The menu entry "Download International Pack" is obsolete
[-] (#0001349) Outdated version number while authenticating at Gmail via OAUTH
[-] (#0001366) Needless confirmation on closing editor window after saving the message via Ctrl+S
[-] (#0001407) The Message Dispatcher does not remember the position of the header auto-view splitter
[-] (#0001408) CardDAV synchronization did not transfer URLs to server and deletes them afterwards in The Bat (tested with mailbox.org)
[-] (#0001414) CardDAV synchronization duplicates three phone numbers and overwrites three others (tested with mailbox.org)
[-] (#0001422) Add Copy Format feature to Edit Message - fixed issue with cancelling
[-] (#0001439) Wrong handling of "<" and ">" characters in the messages created out of HTML-templates
[-] (#0001442) The "Lock toolbars" option is not remembered in the Message Dispatcher window
[-] (#0001444) The Quick Search skips the search/display criteria of the selected tab
[-] (#0001455) Fixed the bug "TLS protocol error" Internal error GenerateKeyBlockCipher when connecting to servers with DES/3DES ciphers (a bug of The Bat! v8.2.8)
[-] (#0001456) Fixed an access violation on exit when The Bat! was configured to be minimizable to tray


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